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Need to KNOW

According to Metrological Report, Singapore is situated near the equator and has a typically tropical climate, with abundant rainfall, high and uniform temperatures, and high humidity all year round.

High humidity can cause serious problems like …

For Industries:

  • Mold, Damp and Mildew growth
  • Drying of Wood, Paintings, Process Drying
  • Corrosion and Condensation
  • Reduced Insulation Resistance, Short Circuits in Electrical and Electronic  Equipments
  • Musty Odor
  • Property Damage and Damage to the Building's Structure
  • Increased numbers of Insects and Vermin
  • Damage to Papers, Books, and similar Products
  • Damage to Flooring, Paneling, or Furniture

For Residential:

  • Physical Discomfort, Sleeping Problems and Skin Allergy.
  • Sore throat, Eyes and Nose Irritation   
  • Increase harmful bacteria and Dust mites.
  • High Humidity can make a person feel tired and sluggish.
  • Increases in Asthma or Respiratory problems triggered by Mold. 
  • Prolonged Drying of Laundry. 

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